Ms. Yubari

...out of sight/out of mind...


“Shoot them all first and sort it out later.”

Skill Total Apt.
Academics: Biochemistry 50 COG
Academics: Biology 55 COG
Academics: Nanotechnology 50 COG
Academics: Genetics 50 COG
Animal Handling 20 SAV
Art: Drawing 40 INT
Beam Weapons 35 COO
Blades 15 SOM
Climbing 15 SOM
Clubs 15 SOM
Deception 45 SAV
Disguise 20 INT
Flight 15 SOM
Fray 55 REF
Freefall 35 REF
Freerunning 40 SOM
Gunnery 20 INT
Impersonation 20 SAV
Infiltration 30 COO
Interest: Celebrity Gossip 40 COG
Interest: Gambling 55 COG
Interest: Hypercorp Politics 70 COG
Interest: Exsurgent Virus 60 COG
Interfacing 30 COG
Intimidation 20 SAV
Investigation 60 INT
Kinesics 30 SAV
Kinetic Weapons 50 COO
Language: Mandarin 90 INT
Language: Japanese 60 INT
Medicine: Paramedic 45 COG
Medicine: Trauma Surgery 40 COG
Medicine: Nanomedicine 40 COG
Navigation 20 INT
Networking: Autonomists 20 SAV
Networking: Criminals 20 SAV
Networking: Ecologists 20 SAV
Networking: Firewall 50 SAV
Networking: Hypercorps 50 SAV
Networking: Media 20 SAV
Networking: Scientists 50 SAV
Networking: Gatecrashers 20 SAV
Networking: Ultimates 20 SAV
Palming 15 COO
Perception 50 INT
Persuasion 40 SAV
Pilot: Aircraft 15 REF
Pilot: Anthroform 15 REF
Pilot: Exotic Vehicle 15 REF
Pilot: Groundcraft 15 REF
Pilot: Spacecraft 25 REF
Pilot: Watercraft 15 REF
Profession: Forensics 50 COG
Profession: Lab Technician 60 COG
Protocol 30 SAV
Psi Assault 35 WIL
Psychosurgery 40 INT
Research 50 COG
Scrounging 40 INT
Seeker Weapons 15 COO
Sense 60 INT
Spray Weapons 15 COO
Swimming 15 SOM
Thrown Weapons 15 COO
Unarmed Combat 15 SOM

As an original space colonist Mariko knew life would be challenging. But, she had a kind heart that was not hardened by her experiences living on a planet that was not Earth. “Home is where you lay your head at night,” she would think staring out into the night sky.

Her initial compassion for those suffering from the Exsurgent Virus turned out to be her undoing. In researching the virus for a Hypercorp she contracted it herself. It changed her, turning her resilient heart a bit manipulative. Not without the occasional lack of emotional control; her existence turned into a new experience of incredible thoughts and new..skills?

“Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission.”

Ms. Yubari

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