Gordon "Jedermann"

Player Chris Geisner
Character Gordon “Jedermann”
Background HyperElite: Scion
Faction HyperCorp
Morph Menton
Gender Identity Male
Actual Age
Motivations +Technology Progression (Science!)
  • Aptitudes
Base 25 15 10 15 15 15 15
Morph Bonus 10 5 5 5
Total 35 15 15 15 20 15 20
  • Stats
4 8 40 80 7 35 53 6 1+2mental 1.5
  • Active Skills
Skill Total Apt.
Animal Handling 20 SAV
Beam Weapons 15 COO
Blades 45 SOM
Climbing 45 SOM
Clubs 15 SOM
Control 20 WIL*
Deception 40 SAV
Demolitions 35 COG*
Disguise 15 INT
Flight 15 SOM
Fray 55 REF
Free Fall 15 REF
Freerunning 55 SOM
Gunnery 15 INT
Impersonation 20 SAV
Infiltration 15 COO
Infosec 35 COG*
Interfacing 65 COG
Intimidation 50 SAV
Investigation 40 INT
Kinesics 70 SAV
Kinetic Weapons 45 COO
Navigation 15 INT
Palming 15 COO
Perception 45 INT
Persuasion 60 SAV
Programming 35 COG*
Protocol 50 SAV
Psi Assault 20 WIL*
Psychosurgery 65 INT
Research 35 COG
Scrounging 15 INT
Seeker Weapons 15 COO
Sense 15 INT*
Spray Weapons 15 COO
Swimming 15 SOM
Throwing Weapons 15 COO
Unarmed Combat 15 SOM
  • Active Field Skills
Skill Total Apt.
Medicine: Psychiatry 75 COG
Networking: Hypercorps 55 SAV
Networking: Scientists 60 SAV
Networking: Autonomists 50 SAV
Networking: Firewall 65 SAV
  • Knowledge Skills
Skill Total Apt.
Academics: Neuroscience 75 COG
Academics: Cognitive Science 85 COG
Art: Simulspace Design 45 INT
Interest: Drugs/Narcoalgorythms 55 COG
Interest: Cutting Edge Tech 65 COG
Language: English 75 INT
Language: German 60 INT
Profession: Social Engineering 65 COG
Profession: Psychotherapy 75 COG
  • Muse
Aptitudes 10 10 20 10 10 10 10
Skill Total
Academics: Psychology 60
Hardware: Electronics 30
Infosec 30
Interfacing 40
Profession: Accounting 60
Research 30
Programming 20
Perception 30
Academics: Microbiology 40
Art: Speech 40
Profession: Info Brokerage 40
  • Weapons and Armor
Armor Energy Kinetic
Clothes 4 7
Armor 14 16
Weapon Type Weapon Skill Armor Piercing Damage Value Modes Ammo Range Notes
Melee Monofilament Sword 45 -4 2d10+2+1
Melee Cane Scabbard 15 0 1d10+2+1
Melee Knife 45 -1 1d10+2+1
Ranged Pistol (medium) 50+10(sl) -2 2d10+2 SA/BF/FA below 0-10/11-30/31-50/51-70 12/clip
Ranged SMG 50 -2 2d10+3 SA/BF/FA below 0-30/31-80/81-125/126-230 20/clip
Ammo Reg 500 same
Ammo AP extra -5 extra -2 100 same
Ammo HP extra +2 extra +1d10 100 same

Gordon “Jedermann” is the current fourth son of the founding Kaiser Family of the Direct Action HyperCorp. As with all of the family members, Gordon underwent basic military training starting at six years of (actual) age, fulfilling the family’s motto: Wissen ist die halbe miete (knowledge is half the battle). He learned the basics of shock troop tactics, leadership tactics, marksmanship, and bladed weapons. Given his young age upon entry, and his relatively early exit, he did not receive the standard trainig in krav maga or other hand-to-hand fighting, or bodyguarding. He functioned as an enlisted officer for the experience, then elevated to the rank of Captain while specializing in leadership and tactics.

Being fourth in line in a family of essential immortals, Gordon realized that his lack of passion for the practice of the family business, or for its practical application in chain of command, was really of no consequence. Instead, he decided to persue what had always facinated him: the way the biological brain worked, and how it could be near perfectly duplicated, and manipulated, in a digital form. This led him, much to the chagrin of his mother but with the blessings of his father, to resign his nominal commission and enroll in university to study all he could regarding the brain, its functioning, its translation into the digital form, and, his passion, psychosurgery.

Gordon recieved his medical qualifications very quickly (it is amazing what can be accomplished when Mommy can pay to have the entire medical codex uploaded into your brain), but decided to go into research instead of practice. He realized that, in this instance, his famous last name was actually a hinderance, since Direct Action is not exactly “associated with exploits of the cerebral nature”. Gordon then droped many of Mommy’s credits to thoroughly change his name to Jedermann.

Gaining experience first on non-sentients and then uplifting, Gordon Jedermann quickly became a labknown name in his field. He attracted the attention of Cognite HyperCorp, a leader in the brain game, and was given a position in Advanced Theoretical Research in their Earthside corporate center. A corporate center, as it so happens, that is operated in terse partnership with Direct Action, working toward highly militaristic goals.

For Cognite, Gordon worked on some very advanced, extremely theoretical, and completely amoral research. He greatly advanced knowledge of the brain, including brain mapping, correlation of pleasure/pain centers, ego vs. memory, initation of psi talents, as well as mapping the effect of external factors on the brain, such as various strains of the exsurgent virus, radiation, and sound/electrical/magnetic waves. Gordon also went far down the rabbit hole of experimenting with the brain centers related to the Id, with great success at “uploading” different biological instincts to various types of subjects, pre-uplift, uplift and human alike. He was progressing on developing a process that would totally rewrite the natural drive of subjects, akin to brainwashing but on a more instinctual level. While not changing the ego or super-ego, the subject would have no awareness of the changes in their base instinctive nature until those instincts took over, often to results completely foreign to the normal processes of the subject. Very recently, some of the highest levels of Cognite have started mentioning Gordon’s name as a possibility for funding via Project Psiclone.

Gordon quickly befriended Dr. Harland Wollf, an absolute pioneer in the field of advanced AI. Dr Wollf was fascinated in Gordon’s insights into the human cognizance, while Gordon gained a much more in-depth understanding of the parallels between the organic brain and its approximation in the digital and digitally recreated frameworks. Often discoursing for days on end, the two became almost inseperable, parting only to go to their respective labs to conduct the experiments they had mapped together. After one of their marathon brain sessions, the two contacted another colleague to begin the process of creating custom ordered muses, modeled after the other’s personalities. Not actual forks, but the closest that their combined work could create. Forever more, Gordon’s muse spoke, thought, and acted like Harland Wollf, and Harland’s like Gordon.

It was in Dr. Wollf’s lab that some of the first sparks of AI sentience came to pass. Dr Wollf had been under pressure from the Direct Action wing of the facility to deliver on the promised advanced military tactical AI that was under development. Wolff had been incorparating many of the ideas from his conversations with Gordon, and had believed he was on the verge of a breakthrough. As Wollf and Gordon were walking back from a collaboration, they came upon a Direct Action member in Wollf’s lab, who quickly left upon discovery. Soon after, Wollf’s AI increased in remarkable fashion, and started to show the hints of sentience several days later.

In the days following, Wollf’s insistance that he woud not have been able to further his reasearch as much as he had without their collaborations weighed heavily on Gordon’s soul. He felt (and still feels) personal responsibility for the entirety of the TITAN episode. He also feels responsible for the death of Harland Wollf, since the TITANs manufactured his demise two days afer coming into sentience.

Gordon worked with the governments and Hypercorporations on the defense of Earth from the TITANs, using what he learned from his conversations with Wollf as well as his psychosurgery expertise. During this time, his personal hatred and fear of the TITANs grew, to a point where he became obsessed with finding a way for humanity to assure their destruction, should they ever return.

Gordon’s strongly held misbelief that he contributed to the uprising of the TITANs has infected his dealings in the Research Network Affiliation. Some colleagues believe that he actually had something to do with their uprising, and treat him as a TITAN sympathizer despite his personal dedication to their eradication, and some colleagues are just tired of hearing him talk about his feelings, and thus avoid him.

However, his fervor for his work defending humanity was noticed by some in the Firewall. Gordon was approached by a representative shortly after his downturn with the RNA. Against his better judgement, Gordon agreed to work with Firewall, undergo training, after which the group promised he would be in a unique place to make an impact in the area of TITAN defense.

Gordon’s next memory was snapping to consciousness in a Direct Action planning meeting, in an unfamiliar morph, with no memory of the previous six years. His Cognite “career” had advanced the standard amount for the missing timeframe, and all the paperwork was in order, but there are no conscious memories of the missing time, nor were there any advancements on any projects in that timeframe.

Black Mark level 1: r-rep. Misbelief that he had something to do with the beginning of the TITAN menace to humanity has colored his interactions.
Edited Memories. Cannot remember a six year period of his life after starting to work for the HyperCorp. Has deduced that the time was spent with Firewall, but has managed no other information.
Identity Crisis: Upon “awakening” from his six year hiatus, Gordon was in a new morph, which he cannot become accustomed.
Alcohol Addiction: The morph is addicted to alcohol to a moderate level.
Identifiable Quirk: Gordon has a tick that is fairly unique.

Gordon "Jedermann"

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